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  • 产品简介
  • Product Description :

    Toxicity :
       Acute oral LD50 : male rats 2125 mg / kg, female rats 2130 mg / kg in mice (male, ER) 1300 mg / kg; mice (male and female) acute dermal LD50 5000 mg / kg. Hurt and irritates the eyes. Carp (48 hours) 400ppm.

       6-BA is the first artificial synthesis of cytokinins. Inhibit plant leaf chlorophyll, nucleic acid, protein degradation, green to old age; Of amino acids, growth hormone, inorganic salts such as transferring the site to handle various performance, widely used in agriculture, fruit and horticultural crops from germination to harvest at all stages.

       Overpack for Zhibantong, 1kg * 25 / barrel.